Rent a Dart Marina Apartment By the River Dart


Our Dart Marina Apartment is situated by the River Dart which rises high in the County of Devon on Dartmoor and eventually meets the sea at Dartmouth. The river takes its name from a Celtic word meaning 'river where oak trees grow' which is due to the banks of the lower Dart being covered in ancient woods of native oak. The Dart valley and surrounding area is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The river Dart evolves from two separate tributaries - the East Dart and West Dart which join at Dartmeet which is a popular location for holiday visitors in the centre of Dartmoor. The East and West Dart rivers appeal very much to walkers who appreciate the many small waterfalls and the charming clapper bridges across the rivers.

After descending Dartmoor, the River Dart flows southwards past Buckfast Abbey and through the towns of Buckfastleigh, Dartington and Totnes. Totnes is a wonderful ancient Devon town with a seventeenth century weir. From Totnes the river becomes tidal and heading towards Dartmouth there are no further bridges across the Dart.

The next crossing point on the Dart from Totnes is at Dittisham.  A passenger ferry operates across the river from the picturesque village of Dittisham to the Greenway Estate. Formerly the Devon home of the late crime writer Agatha Christie, Greenway has stunning views across the river. The house and gardens are now owned by the National Trust and are open to holiday visitors.

Downstream of Dittisham the flow of the river Dart starts to quicken and widen. Eventually the river flows past the exclusive Dart Marina with its impressive luxury apartments and houses set back from the moored yachts on the jetty. Holiday makers who rent our Dart Marina accommodation have wonderful views of the river from the Lounge window at number 27 Dart Marina. Adjacent to Dart Marina is the Upper Dart Ferry which transports cars and passengers across the river.

Moving further downstream the popularity of Devon’s most famous river with holiday visitors is quite apparent. The village of Kingswear and town of Dartmouth are on the east and west sides of the estuary and the river is crossed between the two using the Lower Dart Ferry. The estuary is a large ria and acts as a magnet for sailing and motor boats enthusiasts. Here the deep water port of Dartmouth is a sheltered haven attracting not only recreational sailors but also Naval vessels and Cruise Liners.

The lower section of the River Dart forms Dartmouth Harbour which is a deep water natural harbour with a long history of maritime usage. In recent times, Dartmouth commercial activity has declined, but it is still a busy port for local fishing vessels. Several local companies specialise in shipbuilding and repairs to small tonnage craft

The river Dart finally flows into the sea past a rocky foreshore with cliffs either side. On the East side Kingswear Castle sits very close to the water's edge, and on the west side Dartmouth Castle is built on a rocky promontory at sea level. The castles once operated a defensive chain across the estuary, which was raised at dusk to destroy enemy ships attempting to attack the harbour. The remains of the operating mechanisms for the chain are still visible in Dartmouth castle.

In total the River Dart has over nine miles of navigable waters. The navigable length of the water runs through an area of outstanding natural beautyfrom castle Buoy at the river mouth to the weir at Totnes.


Rent a Dart Marina Luxury Apartment by the River Dart, Dartmouth